ERGY 2.0 is Here!

Building upon the success of ERGY as well as several custom energy management solutions, Echo Labs Energy Management will publicly release ERGY 2.0 complete with interface upgrades, customized reporting capabilities, new device compatibility, and advanced metering algorithms directly following the CEDIA Expo. Read more or view the press release.

Key Features

Web-enabled interface

The ability to view and manage building operations using a web browser

Open Data Communication

One of the key elements of the EEM solution is the ability to provide open data communication. In today’s buildings there are many protocols that need to be communicated with.

Reporting, both Standard and Customized

Being able to quickly configure, run and distribute accurate reports on the data collected is just as important as collecting the data.

ERGY's role within Sustainability

ERGY acts as the sustainability platform, making a building more efficient in M & V reporting, Reducing energy costs, Reduce overall carbon footprint, Visualize and manage energy usage in real time, Optimize and schedule climate and lighting, and assist in meeting LEED certification.

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