About Echo Labs

I am the Warrior!

Based in Denver Colorado, ECHO is an application and solutions
integration and engineering company focused on providing solutions that
leverage the power of broadband access.

ECHO is experienced nationally
and internationally in the planning, engineering and implementation of
broadband networks and related applications.

ECHO comes to the area of energy information management from the telecommunication perspective.


EEM Strategy

While there are many specialty firms and vendors addressing discrete segments of the “energy usage mosaic” few are taking a holistic approach to data collection with the emphasis on a data warehouse to provide intelligence to assist with decisions.

By engineering the solution to collect information in a multi-protocol environment that can and will evolve as protocols are added or abandoned we insure that the data warehouse remains future proof.

The Echo Energy Manager (EEM) platform is a data warehouse built on carrier class management application that allows you to gather, analyze, and communicate energy information based on real time and interval data.

The EEM will enable you to determine which sites have the highest costs, normalize for floor area and weather, and validate energy strategies (rather than relying solely on the utility provider’s invoice and management via spreadsheet).

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